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Mobile App Development Lifecycle

Mobile App Development Lifecycle

There may be hundreds of mobile app development companies in the world, but FuGenX stands a unique and emerging app development company among the rest with a result-oriented mobile app solutions. We at FugenX, is equipped with an agile app development team with over 8years of experience. We will come out with innovative ideas and build apps on iOS platform and also on Android and Windows platforms with utmost care that ensures your app is error free and work on all major platforms efficiently.


Our mobile app development lifecycle undergo following phases:

  1. Requirement Gathering/Analysis
  2. The Design phase
  3. The Development phase
  4. The Testing phase
  5. The Deployment phase
  6. The Maintenance phase


  1. Requirement Gathering/Analysis:

In requirement analysis phase, ideas are collected and categorized. The objective of this phase is to bring outnew thoughts or betterment to the existing application. The solution can be provided by client or by the developers. If the clientis ready to provide an idea, it will be easier for developers to build a strong basement to develop highly interactive app. Developers can also bring their own idea to develop aunique application. The idea can be filtered and examined by the development team. Another important factor need to consider in the discovery phase is the time management.

  1. The Design phase:

In the design phase, the ideas whatever gathered is implemented by development team. Developing the application for all mobile platforms is properly planned and executed in this stage. A decision has to be made on whether the developed application is to be released as a free version or trial version with limited features or released only as a premium version. The app functionality is broken down into different modules and prototypes. Before starting, the functional requirements need to be decided. The software construction of the application is created. Other than functional requirements, prototypes and other modules are defined. Flow diagram has to be prepared and send it to development phase.

  1. The Development phase:

In the development phase, the application is coded. The development process can be split into two stages: Coding for Functional Requirement and UI requirements. The code is first developed for the functional requirement. Other modules can be done paralleled. After completion of each module, combine those modules into a single one. In the next stage, user interface is designed. Finally, the document done by the development team is forwarded to the testing phase.

  1. The Testing phase:

Testing is one of the major factors in the app developmentlifecycle. Testing is done on the simulated software or real device. The simulator is implemented on the Software Development Kit. Testers will write the Test cases and Test scenario to test the product or application to detect the errors. The test cases are documented and forwarded to the client for feedback.

  1. The Deployment phase:

Deployment is the final phase of the development process. After the testing is done and the feedback is obtained from the client, then application gets ready for the distribution. The application is transmittingto the applicable store or market for user access.

  1. The Maintenance phase:

The last phase of this model is the maintenance phase. Comments are collected from the customers and recommended changes have to be done. Appropriate security patches, performance improvements, additional functionality, new user interfaces should be provided at regular intervals in the form of updates to the application.

FuGenX follows this lifecycle process with an utmost care to bring out the finest app. If you have an idea to build an app or looking for the best app developers, we are here to serve you with result-oriented mobile apps.

To know more about our app development process, visit www.fugenx.com. To get your own iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry mobile apps, email us at info@fugenx.com

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Mobile App Companies Enhance Your Business Performance Growth

Mobile App Companies Enhance Your Business Performance Growth

Mobile technology, especially in Mobile application development is an interesting and exciting tool that is helping millions of people and businesses to make their life easy and colorful. When comes to business, mobile app is a wonderful revenue generating tool. Now-a-days the competition has reached its peak, it is essential for businesses serving their customers better to rise above the competition. Most Businesses offering mobile app is one of the best ways to enhance the customer service level, it is true as well. But the real challenge for businesses is finding right Mobile app developer, because the right mobile app developer is one who can bring your business to the next level.

Here, one thing you should know very well before deciding your potential Mobile app developer that how business performance can be enhanced by the mobile app company. Find the right answer for this decisive query below:

Proper understanding of client need:

Proper understanding of his client requirements is the first thing that any Mobile apps developer must do. An experienced mobile app developers has come across different industries can help you to study on your customer behavior like the kind of mobile they use and their interests. If your customers are highly Android device owners, you can enter into the app world with comparatively inexpensive Android application development. Though you know your customers very well as a business owner, app developers’ additional support will be a big plus to make your app highly successful.

Competitor Analysis:

Along with customers study, a premiere Mobile app development company also helps you to make your competitors analysis. Going ahead without studying your competitors doesn’t ensure your app will be successful and impressive than your competitors. It is important your app should come up with highly advanced features than your competitors’ apps. Then only potential customers can look towards you and be precious customers.

Market Analysis:

Developing an app for particular platform that has few users, it is a big waste for businesses. To avoid this, reputed mobile app Development Company suggests you to develop apps that can reach the maximum number of your customers. Android is the most used Smartphone category comparing any other mobile platform in the world. If your customers are highly Android users, try to build an app by joining hand with Android app development companies. So, it is always better tying up with mobile app developer who has great understanding of user intent and market value.

Technology Trend:

Along with understanding of your need and competitors and market analysis, reputed Mobile app development companies always concentrate on applying right technology for right app. They assist you which technology can make your app attractive and compatible for different devices.

To Increase Revenue:

If you choose right mobile app developers, they can also help you to increase your business revenue with different revenue generating methods from apps like in-app advertising (space selling), premium version and one-time paid apps.


Decide who can be your potential app developer, how much profit you can expect from them and how they help you to enhance your business performance growth. Once it is confirmed, go ahead and start leveraging the benefits from mobile apps.

We at FuGenx, are an award winning Mobile App and Game development company assure you delivering highly interactive mobile apps that can be a great tool to increase your business revenue, popularity and customer base. We are equipped with agile mobile app designers, programmers and marketing experts who ensure your app will be noticed in global level.


For more information on the importance of mobile apps for businesses and latest trend in mobile app development, visit www.fugenx.com or reach us at info@ fugenx.com